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Acton & Chiswick Darts League


title League Rules

                                                            Acton & Chiswick Darts League ~ 

League Rules 

1. 2 & 3      Matches will be played on Wednesdays.the league is open to men & women,  Open Board at 8:15 pm with a prompt start by 8:30 pm. if you team are delayed on route to any match keep the oppossition team informed of  your estimated " time of arrival " open board start time will then be by agreement of both captains. Teams will consist of 6 players & up to 4 Substites. Players who are under age may be signed but can be refused entry into some venues due to licensing laws & players barred from some premises may also be refused entry, this is down to the pub/club manager only,the league will not & cannot be involved in any disputes with this regard. Teams will be expected to play match as scheduled,failure to do so will result as a forfeited match. ( Rule 18 & 19 ) will apply in any such case.

4 A team must have a minimum of 4 players to commence a match players arriving late will be permitted to play in outstanding legs.ed on other nights other than Wednesdays, League Secretary to be informed of date and result ASAP. 

5.       A team may sign in any single seson " one only " Playing County " or " Superleague " player the team must inform the league of the player concerned, any breach of this rule will result in team losing 13 v 0 as per foreit  Players playing in a different league on the same night as our league are not eligible to play in the ACDL till our seson over

6.       Youth County may register until they have played full Con cA team must have a minimum of four players to commence a match. Players arriving late will be permitted to play in outstanding legs.  

7. The home team will provide a scorer ( chalker ) & the away team a checker ( optional ) for each leg to avoid any disputes on scoreboard. 

8.      Players may be registered on the night , but may only be registered with 1 team in the league. new signings must be clearly marked on Result sheet. 

9.& 10.       League table positions will decided by  [ 1] Legs won, if level [ 2] head to head between relevant teams during season if level  bt [3] Most wins during complete season, if level by [4] play off match betwen relevant teams, 

11.       The playing format will consist of 13 legs as follows:- 1st Division    * ( 2nd Division )

                                     2 x Threes   @                                                  701                   701

                                     3 x Pairs (Drawn)      @                                   601                   601

                                     6 x Singles (Drawn)       @                              501                   501

                                     2 x Threes (Reversed)      @                            701                   701


The Away team will throw first in odd legs ie 1,3,5 etc and the Home team will throw first in even legs ie 2,4,6 etc. 

     Points are  4 points for 8-5 & for 7-6 the winning team will get 3 points the losing team will get 1 point   

12.       Minimum throw will be 7' 9¼". Raised oche optional.  cente of bullseye must be 5ft 8ins

13.       Players may be  substituted at any time after the start of a match except durings legs in progress, Substituted players can go back later in the match. Substitutions in the threes, pairs ,singles & Reversed threes must be made prior to the round of matches to commence, 

14.    Result cards once completed / agreed must be signed by both captains should be returned to the Chiswick Memorial Club by the Tuesday following match.

15.& 16. Result White Sheets  back to Kim , Blue Middle to Home team Pink botton to away team, Home team are responible for returning the White sheet,

17.    Results should be put on  ACDL face book  by the HOME TEAM or text to Kim on  ( 07957906632 )  for update of league tables, & Results

18. & 19.    Teams postponing matches must contact the opposing team first giving 48 hours notice, failure to do so will result in match being forfeited " SEE RULE 21" The Postponrd match will be Re=arranged  and play in the next 28 days from the Date of postponed game and  new date send to the League Secretary ,  

20.& 21. Teams will only be allowed to postpone 1 match in each Half of the season , When a match is postponed the" League Secretary Must Be informed By the Captain / secretary of the team who Cancelles As soon Possible )

23 & 23..    Where a team forfeits or concedes a match they will receive 13 legs and the other team will be  awarded 13 legs & 4 points. Should any away team calloff any game on the dayof a match " £10" free may be payable to the home team if food has been preared for the match as agreed at a previous meeting,

24. & 25.    League Meetings will be held on a wednesday night  At the Chiswick Memorial Club or as notified. Start time 8:00 pm. All teams are expected to send one representative to League meetings.  dates for meeting will be put on this web site



Amended May  2015




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